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Hidden Gems

Hidden Gem Properties believes there is nothing more important than connecting people to people.  It is not all about real estate for us. Honestly, it is not. For us, it is connecting other locals, our clients and visitors with resources around our beautiful area that is of interest to them or serves their needs. Prescott has a strong community of local businesses that we love to highlight to bring our community closer together..

In our video blog you will see various videos of interviews and personal recommendations of businesses and people around the Prescott area that we feel deserve a high level of recognition for their services or talents.  You will find the actual interviews to be more formal in the sense of  presentation and content. Whereas the recommendations are more informal and spur of the moment, (you can find more short videos about local businesses and more if you follow our Facebook page). 

So what type of businesses does Hidden Gem Properties like to highlight?  We love to speak to owners of local businesses! Local, Local, Local!! We love nothing more than enjoying ourselves immensely at a local restaurant or a local boutique and deciding that this place needs a highlight! Even if it is a business dedicated to providing a service that we had a positive experience with, we like to share it. Everyone loves to read “reviews” and learn more about what is offered around their hometown that is providing a positive impact for the community and a delightful experience. We hope to provide you with a wide range of amazing local businesses and people to understand why we have fallen in love with the Prescott area and have chosen this area to live and launch our own real estate team!

In our video highlights below you will find formal and informal interviews and recommendations for local restaurants, boutique shops, coffee shops, salons and spas and non-profit organizations.  Services you will find are a local family moving company, handy-man services and others.  We may even sneak in a local musician or two since music is such an integral piece of Prescott’s vibe. And let me just clarify that these highlights are not the owners of the  business calling us to interview them.  These are truly us seeing something special from the moment we walk into the atmosphere and experiencing exceptional service along with enjoying an amazing product, whether it is the food that is presented to us in a restaurant, a beautiful well-crafted item or a service that went above and beyond. These are our thoughts and endorsements for the local “hidden gems”  that we are sharing with you.


Connecting people to people is what it is all about for us at Hidden Gem Properties.  So please keep checking back to this page to see what is new!

The Dinner Bell

Boasting the city’s best homemade meals since 1939, Dinner Bell Cafe is the local favorite for every breakfast and lunch dish. Located in Prescott, AZ, we offer a picturesque restaurant with a back patio overlooking the beautiful Granite Creek, allowing you to start your day off right.

Granite Mountain Grooming and Training

Learn more about this local business and meet Suzi and Tom Herrick of Prescott, Arizona.

Granite Mountain Grooming and Training

BlackGold Espresso

Interview with Matt, owner of Black Gold Espresso in Prescott, Arizona

BlackGold Espresso

Prescott Skin Care

Established in 2019 in a small salon suite, Prescott Skin Care has grown into a successful skin care clinic. We are dedicated to providing clients with the utmost quality of care without sacrificing a personal touch.  Our high standards of care and continuing education for our staff ensures clients receive the best possible treatments in a comfortable atmosphere.

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